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Ubuntu update for VM

Updated Ubuntu on my virtual machine and completely forgot that I did. After next boot the shared folder did no longer work. Took me some time to understand that the update somehow disabled the Virtual Box Guest Additions. After installing … Continue reading

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Testing timeouts

According to php.ini, max_execution_time is set to 30 seconds. When running the following code snippet from browser, script runs much longer than 30 seconds, even longer than the apache timeout of 300 seconds. Looks like the php command sleep does … Continue reading

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Q&D example for a SOAP service

System setup is the Developer VM (Ubuntu VM on VirtualBox, Host is a Mac) as described in earlier posts. We need a wsdl file ( XML that described the soap service) and a script that streams out the wsdl file … Continue reading

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Bugger off, bugs!

Good thing among others of being a zend certified engineer is that you get an unlimited Zend Studio license with the certification :). Installed Zend Studio 8 and there’s a Zend Toolbar plugin available for Firefox 5.x. This will be … Continue reading

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OXID eShop on VirtualBox VM, fun with mod_rewrite

See the posts about developer VM on VirtualBox. Want to install OXID eShop Community edition . VM is still missing some stuff, eShop cries for mod_rewrite, curl, GdLib and MySQL client connector. sudo a2enmod rewrite sudo apt-get install php5-gd sudo … Continue reading

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