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Howto make your live easier with an autoloader

Do you honestly want to include all needed classes at the top of every one of your php files? If you say yes, go on, have fun with your code, your problem. Ok, so an autoloader cares about loading all … Continue reading

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TDD (test driven development) is the method …

… so I’d better install phpunit before writing any more lines of code now 😉 Better get used to do at home what I try do at work. Guess one can get used to first write tests and then the … Continue reading

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OXID eShop from a different point of view

OXID eShop started to use database views from about 4.5.0 on. Which means I’m in trouble, because my current webpack (L 3.0) at hosteurope does not allow views on my database. Called my provider and they confirmed, that they do … Continue reading

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