OXID eShop from a different point of view

OXID eShop started to use database views from about 4.5.0 on. Which means I’m in trouble, because my current webpack (L 3.0) at hosteurope does not allow views on my database. Called my provider and they confirmed, that they do not grant the rights to create database views at the level of my webpack.

Will need a more expensive webpack or some workaround. As I’m short on money let’s go for a workaround first. As long as there’s no need to run the shop on more than one language for now it can be tricked into not needing views at all. The shop is meant for development only anyway.

As I was quite happy to see, there was something new implemented since CE 4.5.0.
Setting the following flag in config.inc.php $this->blSkipViewUsage = true;
views are not needed for running the shop. Unpack shop, upload files to server and set this flag before starting installation.

Flag seems only to be for runtime, so how to set the shop up?
Standard setup complains about being unable to create database views. Easily done, first go to file oxsetup.php in setup folder. Function testCreateView() tests database views, so as we cannot have views, we need to disable this check. Put a return; in the function before it can event think about throwing exceptions.

Second thing to be done is to change file setup/sql/database.sql. Delete the whole ‘CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW’ block at the end of the file.

Now you can proceed with the installation without any further problems. Tested for OXID CE 4.5.5.

DISCLAIMER: don’t try this no view thingy on a live shop! It is fully ok for development purposes, but if you plan to set up a real live shop invest more money in hosting 😉

ps.: Somehow the master pics were deleted during installation, no idea why that happened, but copying the whole folder again did the trick. Good idea to also have local test shop installation.

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