OXID eShop CE 4.6.0

In OXID eShop from a different point of view I described how to run OXID eShop Community Edition without database views. The obstacles of a cheap webpack 😉

Time for an update, as OXID Community Edition 4.6.0 is out now. Info about the new features can be found here. The downloadable products are pretty cool.
And hey, Hosteurope WebPack L 3.0 now allows database views, so setting up the shop goes without any nasty hacks in just a minute. My testshop now runs on PHP Version 5.2.17 with MySQL 5.5.22. Upgrade to PHP 5.3.will be done soonish.

Btw, if you want to connect the shop to OXID eFire, you need to set file permissions for core directory to 770 because that’s where the file oxefi.php is written when downloading it via admin backend.

Nasty shop, it is very insistent on deleting the setup directory after I switched the shop to live mode 😀

Don’t get any article shown in admin backend after fresh shop installation and installing demo data? Articles are definitely there, I installed test data and successfully finished a test order. Cleaning tmp folder does not help. In Shop admin section service->tools there is a button named ‘Update VIEWS now’, click it and you’ll finally see your article data in the admin area as well.

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