My wasted youth

Wanna know more about me? Here’s my cv short version:

Grew up wanting to become a physician or a physicist, in the end physics won. At some point in between I visited a test lecture at Frankfurt University and decided that computer science was not the right thing for me to study and I decided against medicine, well, guess I threw a dice in the end 😀

So when I started studying physics in Darmstadt I was aiming towards becoming an experimental physicist. Guess what, I ended up in the right building in my university but on fourth floor with the theory guys and not in the cellar with the cool ducktaped linear accelerator. Took me a diploma thesis and a p.h.d. in theoretical particle physics to figure out that a university career in theoretical physics was the last thing suited for me. Yuck, hearing my supervisor reverently speaking about ‘the community’ gave me the creeps.

I happily got away into a position in material sciences at Karlsruhe Research Center.
Well, after seeing my boss write a paper on the basis of three non reproducible (and more or less water polluted) nano ceramic specimens and an infrared spectrometer measurement whose shiny double peak was due to disregarding the mandatory device-dependent correction calculation, it was time to finally turn the back on research and get a real job.

Maybe the strategy to always sign the first contract that came in my way was not the best strategy, having to decide between a startup company with nice young motivated people but minimum amount of salary and holidays and a 25 year old solid company of a bunch of mathematicians that did statistics on about every data set their customers wanted was even harder.
In the end I sold my soul for two days of holidays and some better salary and gained two years of daily horror.
Sorry guys, windows 98, old watcom fortran, a huge lineprinter, a paranoid boss and homemade software that needs input in fortran I4 maybe told me the basics about 80 column punched cards and reading hexdumped data but was no place to get old. Best days were the ones when the main server broke and I got a hands free for getting it to work again. Ok, granted, the statistics results were definitly interesting sometimes but mathematicians simply are no computer nerds, they are just … strange.

Got away, spent three months in Canada, came back to Europe and ended up in a little town in germany somewhere in 2007. There I needed some time to convince my then future employer that I while I had no experience in profesionally developing software in a team they should give me a try nonetheless. I knew that but it took some time and a PHP Zend Certification to finally get where I wanted to be. Lols, yes, I’m the living example that you can pass that exam and still need some years before you can really start to call yourself a PHP developer with a good conscience.

So if anyone ever wants to pry me away from there, everyone can be bought for some price I guess, but mine will at least involve some 15-inch, 2.6 GHz retina display Mac Book Pro with a 512 GB SSD plus an Apple Thunderbolt Display 😉

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