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Pain will teach you that …

SELECT * is bad if you don’t know how large the amount of data can be you get back. … doing a while loop over an unknown amount of data from said SELECT * is even worse. … doing this … Continue reading

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Kniffeliges OOP – Part 1

The Plan My friend is quite fond of a game named ‘Kniffel’ or ‘Yahtzee’ and as we are seldom in the same place, I started thinking about a way to play it via internet. Of course I want to write … Continue reading

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OXID eShop CE 4.6.0

In OXID eShop from a different point of view I described how to run OXID eShop Community Edition without database views. The obstacles of a cheap webpack 😉 Time for an update, as OXID Community Edition 4.6.0 is out now. … Continue reading

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SOAP headers and PHP 5.2.3

My last post about how to handle SOAP headers was done with PHP 5.3.5-1ubuntu7.7 with Suhosin-Patch (cli) (built: Feb 11 2012 06:22:51). I tried to run the same installation on PHP 5.2.3 and it failed to handle SOAP headers. Documentation … Continue reading

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My own little SOAP

Ingredients: Some WSDL file. Some endpoint that either coughs up the wsdl or let’s the SOAP server handle a request. An object that does the SOAP handling (use SOAPServer::setObject) A SoapClient to see what happens when the SOAP server is … Continue reading

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